The Essence Of Ayurveda

Dr Neetu Johnson M.B.B.S BSc (HONS) MRCPsych (LON)


Dr Johnson’s personal journey into the benefits of Lifestyle Medicine and Ayurvedic practice was by no means a coincidence. Having suffered from a chronic health condition for over fifteen years herself, she turned to the holistic medicinal system of Ayurveda after western conventional medicines repeatedly failed to address her illness.  

After suffering from the unwanted side effects of prescribed medications with no improvement,  Dr Johnson sought Ayurvedic treatment in England and from its homeland India and the rest, as they say, is history. As a third generation British Indian,  she is thoroughly proud and inspired by her roots which have allowed her to practice with authenticity and passion.   

Years later, healthier than ever, she now practices this ancient medicinal approach to health care and prevention in her daily routine and wishes to inspire others to follow. 

About Dr Johnson

A Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Dr Neetu Johnson is a medical board certified senior physician with clinical expertise in mental health. With additional training and qualifications, she has further trained in the holistic medical science of Ayurveda – the sister science to yoga – to provide a more holistic and in-depth management to patient care. 

Dr Johnson’s integrative practice, to wellbeing and mental health, emphasises that the mind-body has its own innate intelligence to recover and reverse disease when given the tools to be back in balance.

Her practice, which combines the experienced expertise of conventional medical diagnosis and management (medication only where required and if necessary) with modern lifestyle interventions for diet, hormone re-balance, environment and psychological stress management with the eastern medical science of Ayurveda, addresses the root causes of chronic conditions. 

By incorporating very small changes in your daily life with uncomplicated regimes, we will give you the tools to heal yourself and not only be without dis-ease but be living you fullest potential.

This holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing – the combination of lifestyle medicine/Ayurvedic medicine with a background in conventional medicine and speciality of Psychiatry (mental health) is both unique and patient centred. 

“After many years of prescribing medication for both physical and mental health disorders I became very frustrated with the outcomes for my patients, many plagued by chronic conditions; lingering on for years with debilitating side effects of either the medications or the chronicity of the disease.

The amount of patients who would resort to this state of “being” was both startling and demoralising.  As a trained doctor in the conventional medical western system, I did not feel that I was providing the correct “tools” and getting to the root cause.

I throughly appreciate that change of any habit is not easy but with a few consistent lifestyle additions and changes, I really do believe health imbalances and optimum health can be both corrected and achieved”

Dr Neetu Johnson M.B.B.S BSc (HONS) MRCPsych (LON)

Medical Background

A London trained medical physician/psychiatrist with clinical expertise in mental health, Dr Johnson is a  Consultant Psychiatrist with over 10 years experience in the field of medicine and psychiatry; her specialty is in the sub psychiatry division of Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  

With additional training and qualifications, she  has further trained in the holistic medical science of Ayurveda to provide a more holistic and in-depth management to patient care.  This combination is unique in the field of preventative/ integrated medicine. 

With prestigious Harley Street training and clinic bases both in Ibiza and London- Dr Johnson’s approach to healthcare is both unique and sought after. 

Qualifications and Affiliations

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
(St Bartholomew’s Medical School, University of London, UK)

Bachelor Degree of Science in Neuropharmacology
(University of Leeds, UK)

Medical Speciality Board Certified Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (London, UK)
Diploma in Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle and Marma Energy Therapies (London)
Member of General Medical Council, UK
Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Royal College Of PsychiatristsThe Royal Society Of MedicineUniversity Of London