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Well, we know this can be a huge task for both mom and dad to be. Even more so if a healthy lifestyle is not already part of your routine. , there are a few natural ways to increase your fertility and become pregnant. Try and include these into your daily life and we are sure you will see some good results I love telling my mums to be about “fertility boosters”. These may sound really obvious when talking about the different things that a mom and dad to- be can do.

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Dr. Neetu Johnson

A London trained medical physician/psychiatrist with clinical expertise in mental health, Dr Johnson is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 10 years experience in the field of medicine and psychiatry; her specialty is in the sub psychiatry division of Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

With additional training and qualifications, she has further trained in the holistic medical science of Ayurveda to provide a more holistic and in-depth management to patient care. This combination is unique in the field of preventative/ integrated medicine.

With prestigious Harley Street training and clinic bases both in Ibiza and London- Dr Johnson’s approach to healthcare is both unique and sought after.

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I want to thank Dr Johnson from the depth of my rather erratic brain, I came to her in most difficult time as NHS waiting times for ADHD diagnoses are about 2 years where I live. From the meeting she was incredibly understanding, she read through all of my pre meeting notes and prior to even talking to me she had a great understanding on all things me. We had a genuinely really nice conversation about my history and current environmental situation, and from that she was able to prescribe me the relevant medication to help me, particularly to help me in my job. What I particularly appreciated was because of her Aryuvedic specialisms, which is a passion of mine also, we had a really nice discussion about the more holistic remedies that I can undertake and for me personally that resinates with me better than medication. I definitely picked a Dr that had more in common with myself, this allowed a better connection to be made and I think we established a positive, friendly and professional connection – the process didn’t feel very clinical, it just felt… good! Dr Johnson did offer me the medication and simply said they are there for me whenever I need them if I want them, but first to stick with the holistic remedies. In my view this is something I imagine is quite rare from a psychiatrist where mainly the job is to prescribe medication, so for me this firmly established a lot of trust in Dr Johnson and I can confidently say that she is somebody I would happily go back to. Thanks Dr J

I honestly cannot recommend Dr Johnson enough, having read her profile I knew she was going to be the best person to speak to, and she did not disappoint.Dr Johnson spoke to me in a friendly and polite manner, there was not a single point in our discussion where I felt that she was speaking to me in a patronising manner, there wasn’t anything in the conversation that I didn’t understand, and overall it was such a refreshing session.Being a customer service manager the majority of my life, I am very familiar with good and bad customer service, Dr Johnson simply ticked all the right boxes and then some.Tone of voice, pace of conversation, empathy and clear & concise wording are just four of many positive traits that I experienced with Dr Johnson.I am very much appreciative to Dr Johnson and look forward to starting my treatment course. Thanks again and all the best to you, keep up the great work.

Holistic approaches to mental health

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