How will the intervention work?

Our method integrates five main pillars to restore your health. From the comprehensive questioning and analysis of the genetic testing to the pulse and tongue diagnosis of the Ayurvedic system. We address the main imbalances within the body with natural therapies whilst incorporating the conventional medicine areas of knowledge and expertise in the field of preventive, genetic and anti-aging medicine. The supervised fusion of these areas significantly enhances the individual’s care and path to optimum health.

Nourish & Nurture: What we eat, the way we eat and how we think is really powerful. This pillar will support you to identify the correct nutrients required. This will be gained from your questionnaires relating to lifestyle, food cravings and food diary. Current diets falls short of the correct nutrients leading to hormone deficiencies and physical health complications. Everyday we should try and carry out some “me time” to combat the stresses that override our systems.

Mind-Body Cleanse: Dr Johnson’s medical expertise in the field of of mental health medicine (Psychiatry) will ensure you are supported and guided in this pillar as ‘toxins’ are not just from what we eat; our emotions and environments can become burdensome, creating undigested and unprocessed ‘toxins’- this pillar is about cleansing mind-body and soul in a safe space.
Physically, the liver and blood circulation is responsible for the removal of toxins and supporting the body in the hormonal processes and with time these systems become taxed. This pillar supports you in your mind-body detox with additional help of repairing gut health; an overlooked system, but vital for optimum health.

Movement: Movement and exercise in any form is essential for mental and hormonal health. A study in the British Journal of Medicine found that rate of cellular ageing is accelerated through inactivity. Oxygen and energy to the brain neuronal circuits are imperative to combat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Both the amount and quality of movement is important to reach optimum health. Exercise is also crucial to stimulate the thyroid gland- increasing energy levels and clearing mental brain fog.

Restore & Revive: We need to prioritise restorative practice such as resting and good sleep more as this is vital for the repair of bodily functions. Sleep supports our mental health and adrenal functions by reseting our circadian rhythms and rebalancing our melatonin and cortisol levels.