Lifestyle Medicine

A Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Dr Neetu Johnson is a medical board certified senior physician with clinical expertise in mental health. With prestigious Harley Street training and clinic bases both in Ibiza and London- Dr Johnson’s approach to mental health care is both unique and sought after. 

Psychiatry is a branch of Medicine where illnesses related to mood, cognitions, behaviours and perceptions are studied, diagnosed and treated. As the mind-body is interlinked, an approach of understanding the current issues by seeing the body as a whole is beneficial for any issue. For example, if your current work environment is stressful, say in the office with deadlines and a difficult boss, you could develop high cortisol (stress hormones) in your system which stay elevated. This in turn causes imbalances of other hormones relating to your endocrine and digestive systems which in turn can lead to physical health issues such as stomach discomfort and symptoms of anxiety. An holistic perspective to your symptoms is necessary and always recommended for disease prevention and recovery.

Many normal reactions to events are being “medicalised” and “pathologised” for numerous reasons. At mind body medicine we simply do not agree with labelling normal reactions to difficult or adverse life events with a diagnosis and will carefully assess your symptomatology. We do not believe in a rigid “one size fits all” treatment approach to our patients and their care.

A Consultant Psychiatrist with predominately London based training in the the field of mental health medicine and over 10 years experience in the field of medicine and psychiatry managing conditions such as depression, addictions, anxiety and psychosis; her speciality is in the sub psychiatry division of intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

Dr Johnson’s integrative practice, to wellbeing and mental health, emphasises that the mind-body has its own innate intelligence to recover and reverse disease when given the tools to be back in balance.