Lomi Lomi massage in Ibiza – what are the benefits?

Need some nurturing?  Need some “me” time?

We think we have the answer.

Well definitely for those living in Ibiza!

Read on for Dr. Neetu’s experience of this beautiful therapy

Lomi Lomi is a beautiful healing massage with ceremonial rituals present.

It starts with music, singing, and chanting.

This art, handed down from the native Hawaiian tradition, emphasizes the philosophy of ‘Huna’.

What is “Huna”?

Huna is known as the “secret” or “the knowledge”

Lomi Lomi massage is not that well known, but everyone should know about it and give it a try!

This healing practice for the mind-body, developed by the native Kahuna healers makes us connect to nature and life in general. 

Is said that this is where the spirit guides and Mother Nature are called upon, to heal us from within.

Here in Ibiza, my experience of Lomi Lomi was with the calming and lovely Anna Donkin, who represents Lomilomi Háloa  www.annalomilomi.com 

As Anna so beautifully puts it

“Lomilomi Háloa Massage is a beautiful heart-opening dance of bodywork.

We deeply honor and love our sacred body temple.

Clearing away old limitations and patterns on a cellular level.

Opening yourself to a greater experience of life”

Anna’s warm nature allows you to just let go of any stresses and things that no longer serve your purpose. Be it a current feeling, future anxieties or past stressors.

She starts off with setting an intention or thinking about something you would like to bring in to your life with a face to face check-in.

Her passion for this ancient healing art is obvious, as she pours all her love and nurtures into making you feel wonderful. One just feels so comfortable to let go and trust her with her work.

During the session, I feel an all sensory experience – mind, body, and soul experience, with a spiritual element to it. This tradition calls upon mother nature and ancient female lineages.

Many decades of bodywork lay the foundations for this profound and life-enhancing treatment, and she welcomes you to let go.

Anna literally invites you to be nourished, deeply relaxed, and pampered on her table.


Lomi literally means to rub, soothe, knead or work in and out like the paws of a cat. In the treatment, you feel this deeply restorative sense. You surrender deeply to your body, heart, and mind.

The treatment involves plenty of oil, but that is also what makes the experience so nurturing.  There are incenses and prayers. There are intentions plus music and song.

It has been said that the hands “dance” so that flowing strokes resonate through every cell of your being, like the movements of waves.

In addition, Lomi is purifying, healing, and releasing.

In traditional trainings, massage practitioners were apprenticed from childhood and received decades of training. Mastery, it was said, could be achieved throughout a lifetime.

Certainly, Lomi Lomi itself is an art and the healer can read unconscious signals from your body. Your body’s need to hold on or let go is guided. The healer reassures you with her calm, loving care. Breathing with you, she inherently senses your readiness to release.

Floating and serene, you are reconnected with your feminine qualities (whether you are male or female).

Really you leave the massage bed softer, lighter, and with your skin feeling supple.


The benefits of this unique and ancient massage ritual include the following:

  • Improvements in circulation
  • Increase of immunity and posture
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Increase of flexibility and healing
  • The overall feeling of wellbeing and harmony that is noticeable after just one treatment

For more Contacts and information please see:

Anna Donkin of Lomilomi Háloa  www.annalomilomi.com 


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