Ayuvissa Prenatal Fertility Complex

  • PERFECT BLEND FOR MOM-TO-BE AND BABY – Ayuvissa MD presents a unique Medical Physician Formulated Premium Prenatal Fertility Complex for women’s hormonal health. Our product can support conception and fertility health the natural way by introducing the perfect blend for reproductive health including optimum levels of folate/folic acid,Vitamin D, Vitamin B, zinc, iron and selenium.
  • REPRODUCTIVE SUPPORT: Supports ovulation and hormonal balance required for a healthy pregnancy. Regulates menstrual cycles process to optimise pregnancy.
  • PLANT BASED HEALING FOR HORMONES – Our Medical Physicans have blended super natural adaptogens/ ingredients like Shatavari Root, Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) Myo-Inositol and Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha, all shown to support reproductive cycles and balance hormone health. This powerful combination supports your fertility health.
  • TESTED NATURAL FORMULA. 100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow soft capsules, completely free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. Our formulation has the strength and efficacy that you are looking for in a fertility product. No gluten, wheat, or dairy. NO TESTING ON ANIMALS.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Each order is backed by unconditional 90-day guarantee so you can try Premium Prenatal Fertility Vitamin Complex risk-free. We’re confident that you will see results and will be thrilled with your purchase.

Our Brand Ambassador- Amber

Amazon reviews

Seems to balance hormones

Wow! Gotta tell you- I’m in my 40s and trying to conceive for years. Haven’t gotten pregnant- but hey I’m not that fertile. This stuff has made me really horny- like I felt in my early 30’s. Being in the mood is a good start to conceiving. I’ll keep my fingers toes and eyes crossed that it helps me to conceive. It has a weird taste. So swallow that stuff quickly!

Jessica Schultheis

I like the ingredients in this.

After struggling to regulate my cycles and looking into family planning for our future, I’ve been searching for a prenatal supplement with medical input but also considering natural products. I googled all the natural ingredients to see how they work. I've tried another product before that gave me some side effects like weight gain and mood swings. I found this and chose it because it has the natural blends that I was looking for, it arrived on time and looks to be really high quality. I Can’t wait to try it – I start today and will update here to how it goes..

Laura Liotta

Good for price

Was pregnant first month but did miscarry again. I think this is related to a different issue. Vitamins seem to be good quality.


Love this prenatal.

I love this. My cycle started within the first week of taking this product. Hair is also growing fast and healthy too so that’s a bonus. 🙂

Ivy Rose

So far so good

Haven't been taking them to long to really be sure yet but they seem to be working I started taking them 3 days before my period started it started early don't know if that's because of the pills but I feel it is cause it's usually always a few days late and its been a good one as you mine are always light and last 2 days this one's been a full cycle. I'm feeling like this will be what I been looking for. We shall see. would advise to take after eating not on empty stomach can make you a little nauseous

Nikki Owens

Good buy

Works well strengthens hair and nails while taking it and makes me feel good in general which helps when trying for a baby. Only been taking it for a couple weeks but so far I am a big fan.

Leeann Straessle

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