Dr Johnson’s unique integrative practice combines the experienced expertise of conventional medical practice (medicine only where required and if necessary) with modern lifestyle interventions such as addressing one’s diet, hormone rebalance, environment and psychological stressors – the root causes of many chronic conditions.  


The consultation

You will meet with Dr Johnson for a 60 minute  (lifestyle medicine/ayurvedic medicine package) or 90 minute (psychiatric consultation package). The clinician will review your history and discuss the possible root causes of your problems and how these can be further investigated and treated. Using the questionnaire as a base, pulse and tongue diagnosis and other forms of metrics, we will jointly agree on your health goals for the consultation.

You can expect:​

  • A discussion of lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your ailments.

  • Suggestions from our method that may help alleviate your symptoms

  • The recommendation and discussion of any additional DNA laboratory tests or need for a internal medicine referral

  • You will receive a full report detailing your possible root causes for your problems and a ‘Lifestyle medicine prescription’ and / or a “Ayurvedic medicine prescription”- detailing the recommended initial treatment protocol. This may include changes to lifestyle, diet and supplementation where appropriate

  • Strict, confidential principles will be present throughout the patient journey.

Dr Johnson does prescribe medication but only as a very last resort and within the speciality of mental health.  She does not provide any acute medical or surgical treatments or urgent screening for cancer. Patients with these problems will be directed back to their primary care provider or GP with appropriate urgency. We do not have the resources to offer any form of emergency medical service. All acute illness should be referred to your GP.

Our work 

A Medical Doctor/Lifestyle Medicine Specialist such as Dr Johnson assesses a person’s current imbalances- both mental and physical to achieve balanced physiological functioning. This by no means replaces urgent clinical care – we are seeking  the maintenance of homeostasis; a position of wellbeing we all seek, but many fail to achieve.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes time to bring the mind-body back into balance as habits and behaviours leading to this have been formed and this naturally will take even longer for chronic conditions. This process is by no means a quick fix but a sustained lifestyle change.
We recommend several sessions and indeed have packages for 6 sessions and more for changes to occur on a cellular level.

As Dr Johnson’s specialises in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine, it is recommended that the Marma energy therapies and Ayurvedic mind-body work is incorporated in to the “Lifestyle Medicine Prescription” to aid the recovery and imbalance process.

Booking the consultation

Use our online booking form or phone to make a booking for your consultation.

We will ask you to bring/list any medication or supplements that you are currently taking. Continue to take any medication as normal; do not stop any medication without your doctor’s consent. If you have had blood tests or other investigations getting copies of these to bring along will also be relevant.

Brief telephone consultation 

If you have a simple query, are not sure if Lifestyle Medicine/ Ayurvedic input is right for you, or if you don’t want to commit to a full Medicine plan with Dr Johnson, then you can book an initial 15 minute consultation.

Please note this is not enough time to take a full Lifestyle/functional medical history and therefore no report will be prepared.

Clinic email policy 

Due to the high volume of email requests to the Ibiza clinic we are looking to restrict the time allocated to answering patient emails. It is understandable that patients may need to ask questions after visiting the clinic but this needs to be balanced against the time we can spend on each email. Emails that will take Dr Johnson more than 5 minutes to answer or will require her to sit down and review the patient records to understand the issue will be billed for.

If you have a lot of questions which will be difficult to answer without clarification, Dr Johnson may advise you to book a 15 minute phone consultation to deal with the matters more swiftly in conversation.

If your email is forwarded to Dr Johnson, then it will be dealt with in turn and generally on a Friday (admin day). This may take 7-10 days due to the amount of other patients also requesting email advice. If your request is urgent then please mark it as such and we will try to deal with it in an appropriate timescale.

Patient Etiquette

Please be ready for your appointment 5-10 mins prior to scheduled start time. Exercise good personal hygiene before treatments. We operate a 12 hour cancellation policy, any cancellations within this time frame will be charged in full if a replacement patient can not be found.

If you are late to your appointment, the time will be deducted from your treatment time.

As this is a medical clinic with multiple options of either the Lifestyle medicine analysis and/or Ayurvedic medicine treatments, Dr Johnson remains on a committed schedule and so in any doctor-patient relationship the same expected of you.

Please see below for our clinic policy for bookings and cancellations, you will also be reminded of this on booking communication.

  • At the time of making an appointment you are committing to turning up at the agreed time and to the start of a healthier you!

  • Any late arrivals to the appointment is deducted from the appointment time (60/90 mins)

  • Rescheduling, cancelling or not attending within 12 hours and on the day requires a full 100% payment of the initial consultation fee with Dr Johnson

  • Patients who repeatedly miss appointments or reschedule at short notice (more than twice) may be asked to pay the full fee.

  • Please do bear in mind that we will typically see 5 patients and more a day and a last minute cancellation is not often possible for us to fill due to the geographical spread of our patients.

  • Post interventions/Treatments: Dr Johnson will naturally provide the patient with detailed intervention plan and a Lifestyle medicine/ Ayurvedic Medicine Prescription- as part of your recovery and progress it is expected that you try and commit to the programme.

  • These interventions are by no means a one pill wonder: it will take changes in aspects of your current being of lifestyle and thinking to bring your body back to optimum health

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “psychiatry” was first coined in the 1800’s from the ancient Greek translation – ‘medical treatment of the soul’ – (psyche referring to the “soul” and iatros translating as “to heal”).

Psychiatry is a branch of Medicine where illnesses related to mood, cognitions, behaviours and perceptions are studied, diagnosed and treated. As the mind-body is interlinked, an approach of understanding the current issues by seeing the body as a whole is beneficial for any issue. For example, if your current work environment is stressful, say in the office with deadlines and a difficult boss, you could develop high cortisol (stress hormones) in your system which stay elevated. This in turn causes imbalances of other hormones relating to your endocrine and digestive systems which in turn can lead to physical health issues such as stomach discomfort and symptoms of anxiety. An holistic perspective to your symptoms is necessary and always recommended for disease prevention and recovery.

Many normal reactions to events are being “medicalised” and “pathologised” for numerous reasons. We simply do not agree with labelling normal reactions to difficult or adverse life events with a diagnosis and will carefully assess your symptomatology. We do not believe in a rigid “one size fits all” treatment approach to our patients and their care.

Dr Johnson’s approach is unique in the current health care system. As a clinical expert in psychiatric and medical assessments and treatments, she will only prescribe medications where it is absolutely required and if necessary. Our main aim is to seek alternative treatments to medication with her patients where they are given to tools for self care. Of course, this depends upon your goals and that’s what we are here for, to give you the guidance and knowledge so your journey will be as simple as possible. It takes a lot of due diligence to reach a healthy state and if you can get there the natural way your body will thank you for it.

Dr Johnson will only advise on your current medications for both physical and mental health medications. We advocate transparency with all current medical treatments and will of course fully inform you to the risks and benefits of your medications. We will not alter your medication regime in any way and will suggest that is carried out by your GP or the medical professional involved in your care. All auyrvedic care is complimentary to the medications prescribed with no interactions to the their drug profiles or side effects.

Dr Johnson will liaise with any local services that the patient may be involved with. We will work in joint collaboration with you ensuring your health needs are addressed.

There are many people who claim to be experts in diet, nutrition and exercise. However, it is best to take advice from someone who has in depth knowledge of the complexities of the human body, its physiology and biochemistry make up and who has undergone rigorous medical training. Nutritional support is imperative for repairing and strengthening our systems.

Sometimes we get stuck in our patterns of thinking and do not end up making time for ourselves. This in turn can lead to negative consequences, ill health and destructive behaviours.  A focus or plan from an expert can really help to bring things on track and remind you of the greater picture. At the MindBodyMedicine clinic, we would like you to be  “all in” to reach optimal wellness. As you reach your goal, you will understand why and you will see that the view from the top is well worth the  arduous journey.

Your initial Ayurvedic consultation will consist of an in-depth assessment of your current symptoms, general health, medical history, diet and lifestyle to discover your body constitution (Prakruti). Traditional techniques such as pulse and tongue diagnosis will help to diagnose  your current health imbalances (Vikruti).

At the end of the assessment, advice will be given for your condition with suggestible changes to your diet and lifestyle to suit your constitution and restore wellbeing. This session will help to you understand how you can reduce build up of toxins, strengthen your digestive fire (agni), promote calmness and boost energy. A follow-up email will be sent to you outlining what has been discussed with further immediate advice.

This is longer than the Ayurvedic consultation and will focus on previous mental health issues/ treatments. It will also focus on questions around interpersonal relationships and network/ family systems. A systemic approach to your current issues is use to gain a deeper understanding of the current difficulties.

Follow-up Consultations are recommended to monitor progress and be consistent in your care.   Regular reviews and follow-up are central to the patient journey – Dr Johnson does not believe in simply assessing and leave you to be. We then further tailor the diet and lifestyle programme as you will be advised on additional treatments such as Nutraceuticals (herbs) to be taken according to your constitution as we try and rebalance your system. We will refer to colleagues for other services for a full integrated responsive approach to the treatment.

All information in the consultation is confidential.

However, should there be any concerns to the risks associated to your current presentation involving the you as the patient or others directly then there is a duty of care to inform any relevant parties if need be.


Dr Johnson practices Integrative Psychiatry, a rare approach to healthcare treatment in the UK as her training in both the medical speciality of Psychiatry and Auyrveda allow her to take this dual approach.
Your treatment plan will firstly depend on the results of the comprehensive assessment.

In this prevention-oriented approach to help the body back into balance, several areas will be addressed:
Nutrition and metabolism correction with functional foods
Supplementation with Nutraceuticals (herbs)
Yoga postures and praana breath work for your constitution
Daily lifestyle and self care routines.

All approaches are classically based on each individual’s unique body type and the imbalance present, as we see illnesses as deviation from the healthy state to an imbalance state. Free from harmful side-effects and with personalised treatment to address the root cause of a disease, this ancient holistic system is fast becoming popular as gaps in conventional treatments are emerging. Ayurveda is not just for people who are ill but also for healthy

It may be that as part of the treatment approach medication may have a short term role to play.

As Dr Johnson is a fully trained medical practitioner and is therefore well placed to provide an integrated view on how the various components of a treatment plan may fit together.  The results may indicate that psychological treatments are indicated.  These might encompass CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic or interpersonal therapy, hypnosis, or other specific psychological treatments.